Jun 19, 2008


By Kristine John

As I log on to write my blog for tomorrow, I see that in my desire and anticipation to "be a writer" I started and named a blog "Seeking My Voice".
The ironic thing about it, however, is that I have never posted a single entry on that blog.
While I desire to seek my voice, I do little to actually walk down the path wherein I actually seek my writer's voice.
(I do write...on my own personal family blog, and in more technical terms on another blog I just started...focused on my Stampin' Up! business.)

I know that I am a writer.
It is a way that I define myself.
My heart sings within me whenever I identify myself that way.
I know that I have a God-given talent that needs to be developed.

But, what am I doing about it, besides identifying myself as a writer?
I have considered coming to the ANWA retreat, but when you don't have a story, how do you apply the talks to what you do write?
What about when you don't have a "WIP"?
How do you find your story?
What do you do, personally...and how do you know when your story is "the one" that you need to write?

I'll start with what I know I can do: sharing my goals with you in a public forum.
(Feel free to hold me accountable)
Here are my goals for the next week:
1. Submit a story I have written to ANWA Critique (be gentle dear ladies)
2. Write something other than family or business oriented blog fodder at least once during the upcoming week
3. Write a rough draft of another story I have been feeling prompted to develop (Hey! That would take care of #2!)

I am a writer, but I struggle to continue, for I am a writer truly still seeking not only my story, but also my voice.


  1. It's tough and adventuresome to explore our God-given talent to take words and make meanings out of them. Just one word can take a scene from happy to sad to funny. I find my joy is that I like words.

  2. Good for you, Kristine! I enjoyed the story you put on the critique line.

    For myself...I think I have found my voice...but now I don't know what to do with it. I take that back. I think I am still trying to gather enough courage to venture out there. It's scary!

  3. Kristine,
    I love your Blog idea for seeking your voice & hope you find words for it. The idea of finding one's voice is captivating; Moses was so much more powerful once he had Aaron.

  4. I really like you. Every writer has those same feelings whether they are looking for their first story or their tenth. Keep on truckin'!


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