Nov 24, 2008

Christmas Story Contest

passed on by Joyce DiPastena

Christmas Graphics

Does everyone know about the 2008 Christmas Story Contest currently in swing on the LDS Publisher blog? Short Christmas stories in any genre are being accepted in four categories:

Readers Choice (Published authors)
Readers Choice (Unpublished authors)
Publisher’s Choice (Published authors)
Publisher’s Choice (Unpublished authors)

Word length is 2000 words or less, and submissions must be sent to LDS Publisher by December 13, with voting to take place between December 14-20.

This a great opportunity to stretch our writing wings, especially for those of us who are either a little rusty in that area, those who are particularly challenged in writing short forms, and/or those who feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting a large project during this busy holiday season, but might find themselves motivated to try something “small”. (Or, like me, who meet all three criteria!) I think it would be great if ANWA was well represented by the number of submissions from our sisters. We have so much talent in our ranks! I encourage everyone to spread the word among ANWA and encourage each other to submit at least one entry. Even I am going to try, and I never enter short story contests!

The prizes are modest…think “books”…but that’s not what this contest is all about, at least for me. It’s about the experience and the challenge and the satisfaction of being able to say, “I wrote something and I submitted it, even if it was small.”

I do hope many of you will join me! You can read more details on the contest by clicking here.


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