Nov 13, 2008

Eight Years and Still Growing

by Stephanie Abney

Growing Pains ~ interesting concept. Growth is inevitable, but not always easy. I looked in the scriptures and the people grew in strength and wisdom as well as in iniquity… kind of depended where their heart was.

I have a wonderful reminder of the constancy, hope and joy of growth on my kitchen table. Last Saturday was the eight anniversary of the passing of our sweet BJ from this life to the next. The tables at his funeral luncheon had little potted flowers on them and one of my dear friends, Kathy Thompson, took some home and planted them. Like me, Kathy doesn’t have much luck in growing plants, but these little flowers have continued to flourish. She calls them “BJ’s flowers.” They were planted in November and blossom each year in time for her to bring me a bouquet of them on November 8th. It’s a tradition I have cherished and appreciated.

Loving all kinds of flowers, but knowing only the names of a few, I had no idea the name of this flower. Last night we had our ANWA chapter meeting at my home and Ceil commented on the beautiful “Black-eyed Susans” I had on my table. Oh, wow, now I know… so this morning I looked them up on the Internet and sure enough, that is exactly what my little plant looks like.

Here’s the interesting part (and it’s pretty cool ~ just a reminder that Heavenly Father knows his children and does the most amazing things to show it) ~ these plants are supposed to bloom from June to August each year and yet BJ’s flowers bloom in November (of course, here in Arizona, November can still be rather warm). Then, the research nut that I am, I kept looking and you won’t believe what I found out about the ‘healing” properties of BJ’s flowers:

The Black-Eyed Susan helps to bring painful memories to light allowing inner healing to begin. In “flower essence therapy” this flower assists individuals in shedding deep burdens that are weighing them down emotionally.

Well, this is about all I can share right now as I have to leave for school soon ~ but later (which probably means a couple of days later) ~ sorry ~ because of a fundraising function at school on Friday which has us all so busy… I will come back and write more and try to upload a photo of “BJ’s flowers” for you. Hopefully, you'll check back later. So, for now, I hope you can get the gist of all I wanted to share in how his plant continues to bloom each year and how a dear friend thought of doing that for us and what a sweet reminder it is of a very special young man who has changed our lives forever.

Have a blessed day!!


  1. What a beautiful reminder of the Lord's tender mercies in our lives. He does love us, and shows us that love in a myriad of ways. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Wow, that is remarkable. Sometimes real life is far more interesting than fiction. It amazes me how many of us have dealt with that sort of loss and have that same connection beyond the veil.

  3. Very cool, Stephanie! What beautiful memories and tender mercies...not to mention angelic friends. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. Heavenly Father proves over and over how much He cares and understands as a parent...and the sweetest part of it He doesn't have to, He does it because He truly loves us. Thank you for sharing that Stephanie and reminding me of what counts in life.


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