Nov 15, 2008

Hate, Envy, Strife, and Persecution

by Margaret Turley

Unfortunately the ugly side of humanity has reared its stubborn head again. The election is over, propositions and laws passed and officials have been chosen. Some choose to gracefully accept the will of the majority, while others decide that things didn’t turn out as they wanted so it’s time to lash out against the perpetrators of “injustice.” Name calling, character bashing and slander abound but don’t appease the thirst for revenge. Violence ensues against innocent bystanders, elderly stalwarts, and blameless youth.

Do we cower in our homes, pull the shades and lock the doors hoping evil will not find a way to slither through the cracks? Or do we take a stand, bolster our courage and brave the onslaught?
I say we must judge all in the manner in which we wish to be judged and forgive like Christ forgave everyone. We face challenges as great as Noah, Lehi and Nephi, and the early pioneers. The only hope is to Love with charitable hearts, as Jesus would have us do. Reach out to our brothers, sisters, family and friends. Then envelop the “enemy” in Christian service.

I pray that I might be an example of using kind, understanding words, and acting with kind graciousness towards one and all so that I may stand blameless before God on judgment day.


  1. Standing firm is much more difficult in a storm, isn't it. Thank you for your thoughts on doing so with grace and charity.

  2. Very well said, Margaret. The current circumstances frequently remind me of President Hinckley's counsel that "we can disagree without being disagreeable". If others can't seem to make that choice, then let us set the example.

  3. Truths beautifully expressed, Margaret. Great blog. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I can think of one person who personifies staying gracious in the face of overwhelming long-term criticism...and that's President Bush. Whether you like or dislike his political leanings or not, his graciousness in the face of such negative media onslaught for 8 long years has been an inspiration to me.


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