Nov 18, 2008

There's Room

by Valerie Ipson

Saturday, I attended a writer's workshop held at a local library and sponsored by the Desert Rose Chapter of Romance Writers of America ( It was an enjoyable day spent with a couple of friends from my Skyline Scribblers chapter, lunch at The Sugar Bowl, and feeling connected to a community of writers. Fortunately, there were only minor moments where I was reminded that "we aren't at ANWA anymore," if you know what I mean. The classes covered general topics, not those specific to romance writers, so, no, we didn't get tips for writing sizzling love scenes. The best part about it was that it was FREE, plus it provided the opportunity to learn from Connie Flynn which is always a good thing.

Published authors presented classes and led panel discussions. Truth be told, except for Connie who I have participated in workshops with, I have not heard of a single one of these authors or their books. And yet, one of them has published upwards of 90 novels, many others less than that, but still high numbers. This was astounding to me and changed my perspective on publishing. I may not be buying these author's books, but someone is--enough someones that their publishers keep buying their manuscripts. Overall, the feeling I came away with is that there is room for each of us. We will not all publish a bestseller and become a household name, but there is a niche for us somewhere.

So let's all join in singing There's a place for us, somewhere a "niche" for us...isn't that from West Side Story. I've been listening to Il Divo sing that and it's AMAZING!


  1. I'm not too surprised there. Being into sci-fi/fantasy, you find lots of under the national radar authors who are quite successful. You do have to find your niche.

  2. Nice, well written piece Valerie! I am certain you will/or do have your niche!

  3. Hi Valerie ~

    It was fun seeing you ladies at the conference. I was also attracted because it was free. I attended different break-out sessions than you did ~ maybe we should all compare notes one of these days ~ I had a lot of fun learning from these writers. I was also surprised at how well some were doing when I had never heard of them either, but then, the earth is populated with billions of Heavenly Father's children and you're right... someone out there will want to read what we have to say. Great post!!


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