Feb 5, 2009

A Brief Follow Up on Sun Wei's Visit

by Stephanie Abney

If you read my last post you know we hosted a Chinese high school teacher in our home recently. It was such fun. After staying here for ten days, Sun Wei and her students went on to L.A., Boston, and N.Y. and should be heading home the end of the week. She said she didn't even want to visit those cities that she wanted to stay with us and enjoy "typical American Life" as she "liked it very much."

Before she left, she attended all 3 hours of church with us and we took her to the visitor's center where she saw the Christus and the words were in Chinese for her and I called ahead and reserved a theater where they showed "The Restoration" in Chinese with (English subtitles).
Afterwards I gave her a Chinese Book of Mormon. I know not much can happen when she gets back to her country but at least I exposed her to the gospel. And from her comments throughout the time she spent with us there is no doubt she felt the spirit.

Sun Wei is so adorable (27 years old). She and all of her students are only children as that is the law in China. She loved all the family things we did. I think the reason she wanted to stay was because she felt the spirit in our home. Over half of the students who came were also placed in LDS homes. It was great experience.

Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner. I told them all about Sun Wei (whom they had met while she was here as they frequent our house). Then Jim said he told about all I had done in his High Council meeting the night before because they were discussing missionary work. One of the high councilmen, who used to be our bishop, said, "When I was a bishop, Stephanie Abney was the best missionary we ever had." I look at my life now and wonder where that woman went. Guess I need to work on that!!!

At any rate, I pray you all have a wonderful day... I'm off to teach the young ones... wish I was at liberty to write about that, but I'm not. Suffice it to say, most people have no idea what some very little children face on a daily basis. It's a wonder they even get out of bed. My hat's off to them. I pray that I am a bright spot in their day and can encourage them to be all they can be.

"Go forth and be BOLD!!"

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  1. Keep trooping on Stephanie. Each little thing we do makes a big difference.


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