Feb 8, 2009

Sunday Weirdness

by Marsha Ward

A funny thing happened to me on the way to posting this blog. I got up extra early this morning, intending to complete work on the talk I was to give in church. The way things worked out, though, I didn't get to give my talk. Instead, we had a snow day for church.

It was weird. I knew snow was expected, but I have tons of Venetian blinds that are closed at night, so if I don't make an effort, I don't see outside. I was working on my talk when a sister called to tell me church was canceled on account of snow. I went to look out the door, and sure enough, we had about four inches here in the park.

Our branch covers a wide rural area strung along a state highway, and when the highway hasn't been plowed yet, it's too dangerous to drive to church without chains/4-WD. We've gotten at least one snow day a year for the past two years. The Sunday School teacher jokes about it to visitors when we get behind in the lessons due to our snow days.

I got on the computer ready to string together some words for my blog post, when the power went off. The outage lasted for about five hours, so I couldn't even share why I couldn't post with you.

My scheduled talk was on service, but I'll tuck it away for another occasion. I'm so very glad for the service Arizona Public Service linesmen and other workers do--rain, snow, or shine--when the electrical power goes out.

Ironically, while I was forced off the computer, I read the local paper. The area manager for APS just retired. I don't suppose the incidents were related?

Nah! :-)


  1. I love snow days. I always used them as an excuse to catch up on reading. Down here we have hurricane days. I still use them to read...even when it's August, a 100 and I only have a candle.

  2. When you compare your problems in snow country with the ones you had down here in the heat, what great truths do you discover?

    I suspect you're somewhat like me. When asked what is my favorite place to live, I reply, "Wherever I am at the moment." ("Living" and "residing" are not always one and the same. I hope to always be 'living' regardless of the setting.)

    And challenges are great. Something to rise to. Like you always do.

  3. Sorry to hear the snow interfered with church meetings, and makes it tough to get around! I am very grateful we are getting so much snow pack this year. Hopefully we will see our reservoirs fill up a little this year. Stay warm and dry! (It's quite chilly here in Laramie!)


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