Feb 27, 2009

My Writing this Week

By Kristine John

In light of the fact that 6 out of the 9 of us have the flu here in our home, I'm posting my "Christmas newsletter" that I finished this week.
I still need to stuff the envelopes and get them in the mail, but first I'm going to take a nap.
My apologies to Clement C. Moore. :)

‘Twas Two Months After Christmas
'Twas two months after Christmas, and we’re in a new home
Things got a bit hectic as we started to roam;
Our boxes were packed, then transferred with care,
In the hope that they would arrive in our lair;
Then children said goodbye to good friends,
And sorrowed that their time near the forest would end.
And Mama in her craft room, and I at the shed,
Found ways to prepare for the new adventure ahead.
Into our new home we moved with a clatter,
The neighbors came out to see what was the matter.
The month in the rental had NOT flown like a flash,
but now we were in, so we threw a big bash.
The bash was for painting so much of the house,
we seriously thought we would paint our own spouse.
Kids rooms all painted and the goal now: unpack,
we took a quick head count and crawled over a stack.
With our oldest a teenager, and approaching 14,
it was nice to have him help us to clean.
Stephen’s a scout now, and a drummer as well,
He heads up the children (All Johns, you can tell).
"Now! Emily, now! Nathan, now! Thomas and Bekah,
"On! Samuel, on! Isaac, on! John family Mecca;
"To the end of the porch! To the end of the street!
"Now talk away! Chat away! As new friends we meet!"
Emily’s 11, and soon to turn 12,
She’s excited that into Young Women’s she’ll delve.
Nathan turned 9 and is growing so tall;
He’s reading the scriptures and heeding their call.
Thomas is 8 and likes his new scooter;
He’s loving and kind and likes the computer.
At the age of just 6, Rebekah’s so sure
That dancing and singing are the best things for her.
Samuel, at 4, likes to play hard and strong,
But if you turn off the Wii, then that’s just plain wrong.
Isaac is sunshine, and cute as can be,
At 2, he’s working on talking for me.
His eyes — how they twinkle! His dimples: how merry,
His cheeks are like roses, his John nose almost scary;
The job that brought us to this part of the land,
Presented itself without us raising a hand.
The drive, while long, keeps food on the table,
We’re so grateful for a job that seems stable.
We’re grateful for perspective and looking ahead,
We realize that we’ll deal with change ‘til we’re dead.
So of all these changes, we wanted to inform,
And make certain you knew where we’ve made our new home.
Our letter prolonged, we’ll not write any longer,
We love you and miss you and our hearts do grow fonder.
So you’ll hear us exclaim, and it’s totally true,
Happy Christmas to all, just two months past due!


  1. What fun Kristine! Thank you for sharing your creative letter. I'm sorry you all have the flu...get better soon!

  2. Very creative! Twas the Night Before Christmas has always been one of my most favorite poem/stories, and what you wrote flowed along well with it's fun thythm. Hope you all get well quickly before the next big challenge hits. (Not wishing anything on you, I just know that is how life works.)


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