Jan 15, 2011

Broken and Unbroken Resolutions

by Bonnie Harris

Confession time!

I'm having a hard time keeping my resolutions this year, something I haven't struggled with before. (Confession #1) It seems I was doing better the week before the new year with them. So I've been thinking (a dangerous thing at times), what are the reasons for broken resolutions? Why is it so hard to set and keep goals? Here's what I've come up with . . .

  1. Time
  2. didn't really want to do it to begin with
  3. Time
  4. unobtainable in the first place
  5. other things take precedence
  6. Time
  7. don't want to be accountable
  8. did I mention time?
Now I don't know how true this is for others and I'm not saying all of them are true for me either, but it's been interesting to ponder on. I think for me I'm finding other things are taking precedence which in turn takes time away from the goals. As hard as it is for me to admit, I'm finding something more enjoyable to do this year. I never expected to feel satisfied with just sitting and watching my baby. (Confession #2)

I have always been up and moving and the idea of just sitting and "doing nothing" has never appealed to me. I have since learned that watching my baby is far from doing nothing but it's an intriguing development for me, something to continue thinking about. Then again I don't want to think too hard otherwise steam will billow from my ears. Not a pleasant experience. :)

This brings me around to confession #3 and where I ask for help. I don't like food. I don't like to eat. It's a necessary evil for me. This poses a problem. I had the same problem when I was pregnant, but at least then there were times I actually felt hungry. Those feelings are completely gone now. So how does one who doesn't like food remember to eat? Discuss. Further more, what does said person eat that doesn't take too long to make and doesn't burn easily?

Anyway, I hope everyone is having more success with their resolutions this year than I am. If not, consider changing them. After all, life is about learning and growing and the best way I know how to do that is to set goals and achieve them. :)


  1. Hi Bonnie! Keep loving on that baby! Take all the time you want sitting and watching and snuggling.

    I have some thoughts on meals for you to prepare...I will ponder it a little more and send you and email!

  2. I have the exact opposite problem: I love food a little too much, I comfort eat, and even if I'm not hungry I like to have something to nibble on all the time. I didn't even bother making a food-related resolution this year, because I've already been struggling to eat more healthy all along.

    My advice for someone who doesn't like food or preparing meals would be to keep it simple: eat fresh fruits and vegetables, you don't even have to cook them. Get your protein with a bit of grilled chicken or a lunchmeat and cheese sandwich. Have a glass of milk, chocolate milk, or vegetable juice at snacktimes to keep up your energy.

    I only wish I would take my own advice! ;)

  3. Baby-watching is one of my favorite activities. Please indulge doubly for me.

  4. Thanks for the comments and advice! :)

  5. Ditto to everything Kristin Baker said. I just want to add that I would like to exchange appetites with you.

  6. This is going to sound very strange but undereating and overeating are the same issue...it's being out of touch with your body. Although this is not LDS, read Weigh Down. It's all about getting back in touch with your body's needs through a Christian perspective. I hate to cook so I depend on quick foods not fast foods but quick foods like fruit, veges and liquids. Keep us posted on how this is going.


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