Jan 6, 2011

Clean Slate

by Susan G. Haws

A new year,  the opportunity to put life in perspective.  Take the chalk board of life and erase what is unwanted or even wash it clean and start new.  Find that place of inner peace and live in the moment.  Like walking on the beach enjoying the warm waves lapping  feet and erasing  foot prints behind.  A time for a fresh start with new goals. 

At our ANWA chapter meeting, as we were setting goals for our next meeting, I realized I have been very vague in my writing goals because they have become more like hopes rather than something I believed I could achieve.  Long ago, in a previous life I sort of remember, I was very goal oriented both for myself and clients.  Goals had to be realistically achievable in the time allotted, yet challenging; they had to be measurable, and there were objectives that formed stepping stones to the end goal.  I realized it was time to dust off some of these old skills, find a little determination and set some new patterns in the new year.

 I like zen gardens.  I like the stones and the designs in the sand. Rocks like the  people, roles, obstacles, and goals in life; and  raked furrows the paths formed from habits and actions.   It is time to re-landscape my garden, sand  smoothed; rocks moved; and new patterns traced in the sand.  What are some of the changes you are making in your life?


  1. Challenge myself to write differently. Oh and the usual lose weight no make that be fit.

  2. It is a subtle reminder to change it up. In running you have to vary your training or you become stagnate. Thank you for the post - it is a great reminder in how to become better at the skill.

  3. Thank you for this great reminder about goal setting and progressing. I forget to make my goals measurable and they tend to become just wishes. happy new year~


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