Jan 19, 2011

To whom it may concern,

by Kami Cornwall

Dear Hair - We haven't had a good day in a few weeks now. When I let you be curly you go all wild. If I straighten you out, I end up having to pull you back and that just gets boring. If you don't improve your performance soon I'm going to have to cut you off.

Dear Starbucks - Does the world really need a coffee drink larger than the 24 oz Venti? I mean, Trenta? Really? If it takes guzzling 31 oz of coffee in order to wake people up in the morning maybe it's time to admit they have a problem. Just sayin'.

Dear Mother Nature - Could you maybe make up your mind as to what season we're supposed to be experiencing right now? Winter? Spring? You're making my mother with her "sign of the times" lecture very happy.

Dear World - When did everyone get so crazy? Politics is out of control, media is depressing, and I know a sick amount of women who have been damaged in their tender youth. I mean, really - is there anyone out there who had a pleasant childhood anymore? World, can we agree to just put some happy-pills in the water? We need some serious therapy....or maybe some superheros. My kids would like to be Superman and Batman respectively. Also...whenever you want to send the Big Guy down to straighten things out that would be great.


  1. Amen. I often find myself thinking about how much better things will be after the Second Coming. At least things will make sense then! Right?

  2. What a fun way to convey major truths.


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