Sep 3, 2011

Inspirational Quotes

by Cindy R. Williams

The following quotes can be tweaked to fit most areas, but please read them with your writing in mind.

"If it is to be, it is up to me." Many people

"Procrastination is like a credit card; it's a lot of fun until you get the bill."  Christopher Parker

"Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier."  Colin Powell

"Quality is not an act. It is a habit." Arisotle

"Tis better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln

"Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln

"Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present." Eleanor Roosevelt

"You don't get harmony when everyone sings the same note." Doug Floyd

These last three resonate with me big time. How about you?

"Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to." Source unknown.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Wayne Gretsky

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Hellen Keller

If you find one or two of these that fit where you are right now, please print them and place them on your mirror or somewhere to remind you that you CAN DO IT!


  1. "Tis better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln

    If we apply that to our writing, then we shouldn't write :( Better to let people think I can't do it, than to try to publish and remove all doubt :(

  2. Interesting take on Abe's quote. Makes sense. I thought of it as more of when we have our manuscript critiqued. We don't argue with them. We listen, consider it, then either toss it, or make the changes.

  3. My personal fav: No amount of planning can replace dumb luck.

  4. Thanks, Cindy. I'm a quote-a-holic so I loved this post!

  5. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Wayne Gretsky

    This quote fits right with where I have been for awhile now. Thanks Cindy. It is definitely going on my cupboard door.


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