Sep 5, 2011

Wanted: The Wisdom (no, not of the Ages) of You!

by Tracy Astle


I'm looking to expand my horizons and would like your help. In an effort to enlarge my reading experience I have a few questions for you ladies whose opinions I respect.

1) Who are some of your favorite authors?
2) What genre do they write?
3) What is it about their writing that makes your heart sing?

(Oh, and one more question that's probably totally lame - How do you pronounce Ayn Rand's first name? I've only ever seen it written and it's driving me a little bit crazy!)


  1. I'm all about LANGUAGE - how the words are put together. Here's my short list of authors. All YA - so if you're looking to expand horizons . . .
    Start with this:
    The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
    Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler
    John Green
    Laurie Halse Anderson

    I look up to these authors SO much.

  2. I love great use of language, and quirky characters, so lately I am loving Southern Fiction. Some of my fav writers are:
    Joshilyn Jackson
    Barbara Kingsolver
    Catherine Ryan Hyde
    Tish Cohen

  3. To answer your last question first, Tracy, Ayn was a Russian/American, so her name was pronounced Ann. (just forget the y)

    I've fallen in love with writing about falling in love. Romance is my genre of choice, and my favorite romance writer is Kerry Lynn Blair. All my poor copies are so worn, the pages are literally falling from the spine. Kerry's wonderful sense of humor mixed with sarcasm touches my heart. She has a natural storytelling ability that I haven't seen equalled; one that I can only dream of touching. Ah . . . isn't it only proper that we set out goals high?

  4. "Our" goals, not "out" goals . . . sheesh, just when I wanted to be dramatic I come out just plain weird. lol

  5. I love fantasy so my writers are David Eddings and Terry Brooks first and George Lucas kinda towers above them all for his movies which spawned an empire of books. I like character development and growth and the plain excitement of creating a new world where magic just might work or be explained or understood or....giggle.

  6. Jolene - I'm all about the
    YA, so thanks. Some of those I've read, others I haven't. Yay new YA authors to read!

    Debra - Thanks. I thought that's how it was pronounced, but I didn't want to embarass myself should I ever need to say her name aloud. Now, I'll think gratefully of you when that time comes.

    Everyone else - THANKS! Can't wait to jump into some new territory.

  7. Orson Scott Card
    Terry Brooks are tops for sci-fi fantasy which is one of my favorite reads.
    Og Mandino for motivational/inspiration
    Our own Janette Rallison for YA.
    Margaret Turley

  8. I love Georgette Heyer (Regency romance) because she makes me care about her characters and she makes me laugh.

    I love Rosemary Sutcliff (YA British historical) because she strings words together so beautifully and she makes me care about her characters. I may not laugh with her, but sometimes she makes me cry.

  9. Tracy-
    I love Stella Gibbons' book Cold Comfort Farm for the quirky humor, Elizabeth George Speare's storytelling, and Anthony Trollope for his neverending details and interwoven plots.

    And I've wondered the same thing about Ayn Rand. I've heard it "Ann" but in the Simon and Garfunkel song it's pronounced "Eye-n." Can't remember the name of the song just now...but it's on the Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme album.


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