Sep 7, 2011

Our Family Motto

By Melinda Carroll

This last Monday night our family picked a motto: WE CAN DO HARD THINGS HAPPILY! Yes, it hurt to have an adverb in my family motto, but it was my husband's idea.

I had this vision that we'd gather together, find the motto that fit us perfectly, and then joyfully vinyl the quote in large letters on our dining room wall (which might have worked if we had a dining room). Instead, picking this motto took two separate meetings over two weeks, the first of which ended in disaster with three family members storming off-- including Mom (hence, the "happily" part of the motto).

Our next goal: pick a family scripture. This ought to be good. I'll be sure to let you all know what it is when we finally pick it-- maybe around next spring.

By the way, I take suggestions.


  1. Love your post, Melinda! Brought back some fun memories of my own family mottos...yeah, we've had more than one. Family dynamics we had to make allowances!

  2. I like family mottos. And remember as things change so can the motto.


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