May 7, 2012

Crazy Crazy Busy!

by Kristin Baker Przybyla

Although things haven't been dire, our circumstances have required that I work part-time outside the home for now - well, not exactly required. More like strongly recommended. So ever since starting work at Michael's a little over a month ago, my schedule has been totally insane. I miss making dinner and puttering about the house cleaning up! On the upside, the kids have been really awesome at helping me keep the house clean.

What I really miss is my writing time. My poor little blog has been collecting dust, and my WIP is feeling abandoned. Thank goodness for my weekly writers' group to keep me inspired! Sometime this week (when I'm not working), I'm going to sit down and try to figure out a schedule to allow me to keep writing. The real challenge is that my work schedule changes every week, so I can't come up with anything permanent.

How do you fit family and writing into a crazy busy schedule?


  1. I wished I could give you some wisdom, Kristin. But my greatest fear was having to go to work outside my house. We sold our extra car and whittled down our expenses to where we could manage my staying home. Even then things were, uh, vise grip tight a lot of the time. Good luck with your time management.

  2. I don't have an answer either. I wish I did.

  3. I wish I had an answer but I will pray for you and if you figure it out let me know how you did it.


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