May 3, 2012

Strong Women

by Kari Pike

Between searching for employment, studying for midterms, writing copy, and carrying out all the normal duties of wife and mother (not to mention church callings), life gets hectic. Throw in a notice from the landlords that they need their house back, and the stress level threatens to move into the red alert zone. Fortunately, the owners of this house are kind and patient and all around amazing people. I have several weeks to sort, clean, toss, give away and/or pack our belongings. (On second thought, maybe the extra time just prolongs the pain!!) Needless to say, I haven't had much time to think about what to say here today. Here is a sample of what has been on my mind:

Last week, I took time out to fill my well by attending BYU's Women's Conference. I attended alone and it turned out to be a grand adventure. I hesitated to go alone. My fear of talking to people I don't know tends to make events like that kind of lonely. So -- I set a goal to talk to at least one person sitting next to me in every class I attended. I met the most incredible women from all walks of life, from all over the world -- literally. The most memorable woman I met was born in Estonia and as a young child lived in WWII prison camps before they were able to immigrate to Australia. When she was 21 the missionaries knocked on her door. She served a mission in Finland, obtained an English degree at BYU and now lives in Tasmania. We exchange email addresses and I am encouraging her to write her story...and yes, I told her about ANWA!

I found my well full to over flowing after the two days of the conference. I learned more about who I am as a daughter of God. Yesterday's journal entry says:

I can never say this enough -- I love the scriptures. I am so grateful for the guidance and assurance I find in those pages. I am grateful for the moments of inspiration that come when the Holy Spirit enlightens my mind and gives me the knowledge and strength I need at just the right moment. I am grateful to be a covenant making daughter of God. I strive to be  covenant keeping -- especially during these trying times. As I do so, my faith and knowledge increase and I stand in awe of the miracles I am privileged to witness. Why do I hesitate to use the power that is available to me to accomplish the work God sent me here to do? Because I let Satan plant seeds of self doubt and confusion. It is up to me to ask the right questions, listen to the answers and then act on those answers when they come -- Remember Christ always. Take care of my family. Be prepared in all things by keeping my covenants and serving others. Love others. Pray hard. Work hard. Fear not. Be happy. Be one.

I felt that unity at Women's Conference as we all learned and served together. Just think what we can do as we strive to use our writing to light up the world with hope and peace and love!



  1. Inspiring journal entry! Being an active role in strong courage for yourself is hard when we let self-doubt slowly creep in.

    Great reminder to keep the weeds out.

  2. I've attended the writing conferences alone, too. I travel up from Yuma, where I'm the only member of ANWA. To make matters more uncomfortable, I'm very shy, but I did reach out and talked to the woman sitting next to me at lunch one of the days. It took real courage, considering my introvertness. Down side? I got to sit at a table full of authors, plus Larry Brooks at a special breakfast--and I didn't say a single word. Sigh... I wished I was more outgoing and I was stronger.

    I'm in awe that you journal. You are a great example.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Kari. You posts always lift me.


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