May 1, 2012

Dreaming of an Audiobook

By Leesa Ostrander

I commuted to Seattle for almost three years. The traffic up here is horrendous and the drivers are unyielding. I became a road-rage nightmare every Monday.

I needed to find a way to ease my way back into work and try to enjoy the ride. I checked out my first audiobook from a small library in Madrona. I do not remember the book or the author. However, I was hooked!

I looked forward to the hour drive both ways and would even plan to drive slower to get more time in the car.

Over the year I checked out every audiobook this small branch of the Seattle Library had. I listened to books I do not think I would have ever read, for instance, Anna Karenina and a book about pirate’s the 1700’s.

Of all the books I listened to I found a true love, a book that I cried over the entire ride home, “Child of My Heart”. I called my dad and blubber to him how wonderful the book was. (He then asked if I was a little too emotional and had something else to tell him - J)

The book “Child of My Heart” inspired me to want to write a book people would want to listen to. I love the author’s style and she writes one book every five or so years.

Now, I search for the muse and dedication to be an audio inspiration to someone else.

What do you think of audiobooks?


  1. I love audio books, too! We have put a lot of miles on the car through mountains and desert where very few radio stations reach. Audio books have made those trips so much easier!

  2. I too love audio books, for the traveling reason, and also because I can hardly fall asleep unless I have one on. Of course I do a bit of backtracking here and there, but I get a lot of books "read" this way, and the method doesn't take away from my writing time.


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