May 14, 2012

Ah, Spring.

By Tracy Astle

I don't know about you, but spring does it to me every year. I adore spring, with it's sunshine, flowers, budding trees, baby animals, brisk mornings, mild days and cool nights. I feel like I'm surrounded by hope. I'm envigorated by the newness of it. Every. Single. Year. 

It fills me with desire and energy to do things I have avoided through the dreary, though admittedly snuggly, cold of winter. In spring I want to be outside. I want to purge my life of stuff and habits that I feel are holding me down and/or cluttering my life. Spring is a much more inspiring time for me to make resolutions of change than any old New Year is, because in spring I actually feel like doing something about it, rather than just feeling like I should do something about it - whatever 'it' is.

Along with the many other things it makes me want to do, it makes me want to write, write, write, to improve my writing skills, to research and query those agents and publishers, in short to progress. when everything in nature is so ardently consumed with growing, it makes me want to grow, too.

The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.Bern Williams

How about you? Any seasons that especially inspire you?


  1. Winter! I live in the very most southwestern part of Arizona, so that's our best time of year. Temps level out in the sixties and spending time outside doesn't hurt our skin. LOL. Yes, I love our winters!

  2. I love living where I can watch the season change. I love watching the colors change on the face of the mountains. The view is constantly changing. I enjoy each season as it comes, but I am particularly fond of autumn.


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