Jul 14, 2012

Creating Great Characters

By Bonnie Harris

These last few weeks my brain has been working on overload and I haven't even been able to think about writing. I've found that my "spare" time has been spent reading friends FB posts and playing a game that doesn't take any brain power. So, I've struggled to come up with a good topic for this post. I turned to my blog folder to see if I've used up all my backup posts and found a document full of great links on character development.

For me, my characters have always developed themselves. I've sat through many classes on the best way to develop characters and nothing I've done seems to really fit. My stories tend to develop themselves and I get to know and love my characters along the way. So far it has worked for me. However, I know that my way isn't always the best or most efficient way. Here are some wonderful posts by others that give a more rounded approach to creating great characters.

Holly Lisle: How To Create A Character
MD Lynn: How To Develop Characters When Writing A Novel
Glen C Strathy: How To Create Characters That Are Believable and Memorable
Ingrid Sundberg: Seven Ways to Develop Compelling Characters
Writer's Digest: Quick Tip: How To Develop Your Characters

I hope you enjoy and Happy Writing!


  1. Thanks Bonnie for the links. It's that time of year I think. We all have the "it's too hot to think" syndrome lol. At least where I live that's true.

  2. Great links, Bonnie! thanks!


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