Jul 3, 2012

Family is Forever

By Terri Wagner

I was reminded of this gospel-centered principle this weekend. My niece, Alex, and her two daughters had some girl fun scooting around her parents' neighborhood. As I held Livy (the littlest so far) during a lazy afternoon, I glanced over at Heidi all snuggled up on the couch taking a much-needed nap, and their mom curled up on the recliner checking her cell phone, I couldn't help but think this is a some piece of heaven on earth. I sometimes forget how important family is since I am single and have no two-legged children. (Yes, I fall in that category that feels my four-legged buddies are children for me for now.) For a brief moment though I felt bathed in the glow of what forever families are all about.

Fast on the heels of that wonderful feeling was a strong urge to write my parents' history so Livy and Heidi can know their great-grandparents' story. Thanks to modern medicine in my father's case, and just plain good genes in my mom's, they are still here to help me out. It won't be easy, it's not a Pollyanna story, and I don't want to present it as such.

But our next generations both need and desire to know about us. Look at how we pour over the Book of Mormon which at its core it a tragic, joyful story of a family.

So when we are writing for profit, fun, or both or neither, definitely put your talent to family histories. They are priceless. I would love to know my grandparents' story.

Because ultimately when all is said and done, families are forever.


  1. A wonderful point. Is there anything more important we could possibly write? You've inspired me! :-)

  2. Beautifully put! Our family has been working on my father's history, his grandchildren some of the most enthusiastic, and it has definitely been a labor of love.

  3. Wow, Terri, you nailed this. Thanks for reminding us all.

  4. thanks for the great reminder, Terri! There is nothing more important than family! I have more work to do!


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