Jul 6, 2012


Timing is a funny thing. It can work for you or against you. Lately, my life seems to be on a timing schedule similar to what a person feels when they are learning to drive a stick shift. The term is commonly called "frogging" when the car lurches back and forth whilst the frantic driver tries to figure out how to get the clutch and gas to work together nicely.
One day (moment) it seems I have time to waste watching a decorating show with my daughter, the next day(moment) I am running at top speed to try and get paperwork in for school/wedding/business/blogging/etc.
One may say that I have issues in the 'time management' area, and that may be true. I prefer to blame my children. Living with six children who all seem to think they can have their owns wants, needs, desires, and schedules can really put a wrench in my plans. Seriously, how dare they?
All this being said, I am here to humbly apologize for missing my blog date. I was scheduled for Friday of last week....I think.....I decided that I would go and get married instead. I know, my priorities are whacked! Please forgive me and believe me when I say it won't happen again. At least the getting married part.
A brief intro to me, Beckie Carlson, would be as follows : Mom of six, widowed three years ago, grew up in Mesa, lived in almost all the Southern states, newly married, oldest of four, lover of creative energies in almost all forms, aspiring writer, and over all good egg if I say so myself.
Special thanks for the ANWA members that put together the recent retreat. I got a lot of work done and have hopes that my book will be finished before the end of the world now. yay!
I'm going to attempt to schedule posting of this post on the day it was meant to be but, the truth is in the pudding, or at least in the words here.....Happy writing day!

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  1. Welcome to the blog Beckie! It's nice to get to know you a little. Congratulations on the new marriage! I look forward to getting to know you better! hugs~


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