Jul 18, 2012

Oldies and Goodies

by Susan Knight

This has been one whirlwind of a week and, I apologize, it just occurred to me that I have a blog to write. Sleep is overrated anyway.

I had an exciting sandwich of events in my life this week. First, my missionary son returned from Chicago a week ago. It is still surreal. I’m not used to him and he’s definitely not used to his new home. He left from Pennsylvania and returned to Utah. He’s even met a new (to him) brother-in-law as his sister got married while he was on his mission.

Tomorrow my youngest daughter will graduate from college. Early Childhood Development is her major. She took it so she could be the best mom ever. And, no doubt, she will be. Three down; one to go. I can’t wait to see her walk.

The middle of the sandwich is the concert I went to last night. The performance was packed with the bubblegum flavors of the favorite music of my youth. It’s called the “Happy Together Tour:” the Buckinghams, the Grass Roots, Gary Puckett, Micky Dolenz from The Monkees, and the Turtles.

I haven’t felt that young in years. It might be because, as I looked around, all I saw were old people sitting all about me. What were they doing there at my concert celebrating my childhood?  One of the Turtles mentioned that we all looked good for our age. wink*wink

Now, I’m going to place some music in your head. If you’re my age, it will stay there for awhile, so get ready, or heed the spoiler alert.

“Kind of a Drag…” ♫♪ “Daydream Believer…” ♫♪ “Elenore (gee I think you’re swell)…” ♫♪ “Happy Together…” ♫♪ “Young Girl (get out of my mind)…” ♫♪ “Lady Willpower…”♫♪ “Woman…” ♫♪ “Temptation Eyes…” ♫♪ “Midnight Confessions…” ♫♪ “Pleasant Valley Sunday…”♫♪ “I’m a Believer…”♫♪ and, of course, my unbiased favorite, ♫♪ “Susan” (looks like I’m losin’…).

Ah, junior high. I wouldn’t do that again for a million bucks.  But the music sure was good!

From top left: The Buckinghams; Micky Dolenz;
center: The Grass Roots; bottom left: Gary Puckett; The Turtles


  1. Congratulations on your return missionary and your daughter graduating and and everything! The concert sounds like it was a blast! So glad things are going well for you! hugs~


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