Jul 23, 2012


By TKAstle

Front Cover

Don't you love it when the forces of the universe seem to align in your favor and bring just the right thing into your life at just the right moment?

This happened to me recently in the form of Story Engineering by Larry Brooks. Many of you are probably familiar with his ideas already since he did a class at our last conference. After reading - no, studying, dissecting and practically feeding myself intravenously with (You think I'm exaggerating.) - his book, I have just the tools I need to evaluate some possible changes to my finished manuscript and plotting problems with a current WIP.

Even though I have a very strong creative side, I have never thought of myself as an artiste. (You must pronounce that with a lovely french accent.) My analytical tendencies - remember I work in accounting - have always been too strong for me to consider myself artistic through and through like many people I've met. It's rare for me to find anything that gets all my right brain and left brain cylinders firing with equal strength at the same time. This book does that; so as you can imagine, it's got me all lit up. 

So, this is me - tra, la, la - all skipping around and happy, just giddy at being totally obessed by writing again. I've been just a little stuck for awhile, not knowing exactly what I needed to unleash all the ideas I've been pondering lately. Now? Poof! Stuckness gone.

I think I should warn my family that I'll probably be ignoring them for a while. Maybe it's a good thing my last child leaves for college in a few weeks. ; )

How about you? What things are in your must have tool kit for writing?


  1. oooh, this one looks good. I may have to buy it. Everytime I hit that slump in my stories I pull out Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell. It's my favorite writing book.

  2. I need to get this one! I've been stuck for a long time! Time to dig out! thanks~

  3. It's on my writing book shelf. One of the best writing books I've ever read.


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