Feb 12, 2013

Bon Ton Roulet

by Terri Wagner

Yep, it's Throw Me Something Mister Please time on the Gulf Coast. And no rain, unless accompanied by lightening and thunder, will stop the parades, the moonpies, the beads, or the sheer fun of just gazing at a myriad of creative floats. Fortunately where I live Mardi Gras is kid and pet friendly. In fact, one parade is the annual order Mystic of Mutts. It's a group of local shelters, and the dogs are adorable, well, more than dogs of course. Most of the animals are adoptable and wear little kits so saying. Kids and dogs...can't go wrong with that parade.

Until I moved here, I never saw a thing good about February, lol. Somehow I always managed to be thoroughly single by Valentine's Day...and so usually gave myself a box of chocolates to compensate. Probably that never was a very good idea, giggle, but there you have it. A sort of pity party.

Now, Valentine's Day really gets lost down here. Everyone, Catholic or not, discusses what they will give up for Lent, which is the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter. I have decided to participate this year. I'll let you know what happens, if I succeed. Let's call it a call to arms...we Christians need to start sticking together and standing as one. Things are looking grim at least according to well frankly most people I know on both sides of the aisle. How we got ourselves in such a predicament is a whole 'nother blog entry, and we all need each other.

So Let the Good Times Roll!!!

Introducing Shadow and Maddie, king and queen of the ancient order of the Mystic of Mutts...gotta love it...aren't they too cute for words?

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  1. You are so right! We do need each other. And the pooches are adorable. Thanks for the smiles! hugs~


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