Feb 28, 2013

We Also Sing

By Susan Knight

I was quite farklempt* and distracted today at work in anticipation of the dress rehearsal tonight for my women’s chorus, “We Also Sing.”
Butterflies. All day.
We, my daughter and I, are performing at the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City for Temple Square Performances Friday night!!! Our chorus is about 364 women's voices, all extraordinary.
The 2013 "We Also Sing" Women's Chorus dress rehearsal at the Salt Lake Tabernacle.
I had to sneak taking pictures. Our director, Merrilee Webb,
told us to behave as we would want our children to behave.
I would want my children to take pictures :-S
I’m sure I’ll have loads of stories to tell next time. Hopefully some better pictures, too.
Who would have thought, when I moved to Utah, I’d ever get to sing in the Tabernacle? The dream was too big; it never even occurred to me to dream it.
Because of my damaged ankle, I couldn't climb the stairs and ended up in the front row with the "sitting people." It's all good. I found out I can't stand the whole hour we'll be singing, so I'll just sit. I am just as happy. I get to be in that spectacular hall with the echo and the reverb and the Spirit!
 How blessed am I?
The view from where I sit. Up close and personal to the organ. Yee-ha!
*Yiddish for "upset"


  1. Yaaaayyyy!!!! Susan this is so exciting! I wish I could come see you!! Congratulations. What a wonderful opportunity!

    1. Amy,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It was spectacular! I'll blog about it when I get the pictures my son-in-law took.
      I'm still experiencing the adrenoline rush from last night. It was perfect. So perfect.

  2. A great big huzzah on your special night! The tabernacle is amazing, I hope they let you see some of it's secrets. I want to hear all about it at the meeting.

  3. that had to have been a spectacular experience. I love the caption under your first picture, btw...haha! Congratulations on fulfilling a dream! you rock!


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