Feb 8, 2013


by Marsha Ward

Yesterday brought an announcement that brightened a few smiles among our ANWA members. The novels by LDS authors which have achieved the status of "Finalist" were revealed.

Four ANWA members were among those whose novels were so acclaimed:
In the category of GENERAL NOVEL, A Night on Moon Hill, by Tanya Parker Mills;

In the category of HISTORICAL NOVEL, Spinster's Folly, by Marsha Ward;

In the category of ROMANCE NOVEL, Of Grace and Chocolate, by Krista Lynne Jensen;

In the category of SPECULATIVE NOVEL, Earthbound, by Theresa Sneed.

Winners of the Whitney Awards will be announced at the Whitney Gala following the LDStorymakers' Writers Conference on May 11, 2013, at the Provo Marriott in Provo, Utah.


  1. Hearty congratulations to all of my amazing ANWA friends! hugs~


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