Feb 13, 2013

She's Gone Mental

by Kami Cornwall

Today I am thankful for my mental health. Why, you ask? Because I spend most of my time telling my two boys to do things like make their beds and put their clothes in the hamper and EMPTY their lunchboxes before they take them home. What? You have to repeat those things to your kids? Yes...but it seems as though it takes a catastrophic event for anything to sink in!

Today my seven-year-old announced upon opening the door that he was going to take everything off outside and then bring it in. It appeared he had stopped off at the chocolate milk factory and filled up his backpack with chocolate milk so he could share it with my CARPET. He failed to think about the fact that his phone (which he only uses to listen to music) and headphones, and take-home folder were all swimming in it too.

I believe today is the day HIS music died. Because the phone...it is no more.

Can I count on him having learned a lesson from all of this? Maybe. The length of time he has to go without listening to his music might determine how much he learned from it.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to scream, "THAT'S WHY I TELL YOU TO EMPTY YOUR LUNCHBOX BEFORE YOU COME HOME!!!" and instead say, "Well...you could have thrown all of this away...and then it wouldn't have created such a mess in your backpack, honey." This is all while I'm gulping air and counting to ten.

Sanity. Overrated?


  1. I'm rolling. Frankly all you really can do is laugh and write it down...and one day you can whip it out and torment this young man.

  2. Oh dear! About the phone, I've heard good things about burying a wet phone in a container of rice for a week or so--uncooked rice, that is. Something about the properties of rice helps dry out the internal works

    Good luck!

  3. Ugh! And chocolate milk is sticky and stains...and just..ugh! I feel your craziness! It does make a funny story though and gives you something entertaining to write about! Enjoy the ride! hugs~


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