Oct 23, 2013

5 Things I Learned in School This Week

by Bunny Miner

No, I'm not taking any classes, I started as an aide in a special ed classroom.  Oh my gosh, I LOVE THESE KIDS!  They are just so sweet and only want to be recognized and acknowledged for what they can do.  I have kids in wheelchairs, kids who are visually challenged, kids with downs and various other awesome kinds of kids who teach me everyday.  I feel so blessed to be part of their lives!

Here's what I learned this week:

1.  Never stick your head (or nose as the saying goes) where it doesn't belong.  Yesterday I managed to get my hair pulled by 4 different kiddos!  My new record.  So, pretty much know that when you do stick some body part where it doesn't belong, that karma will come around and bite you, somewhere!

2.  Always wash your hands after you sneeze (or stick a finger up your nose--preferrable your own if you have to do it at all!).  We've had 4 kiddos get sick with the same nastiness in the past 2 days and anticipate even more tomorrow.  School isn't as fun when you have more adults in the room than you have students!  So keep things clean and life goes more smoothly.  Do what you know you're supposed to do and stay away from the things you know you shouldn't do.  'Sickness' spreads so keep yours to yourself.  Or better yet, repent and give it to Christ who actually paid for it already.

3.  If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.  Or maybe just answer your teacher/aide when they ask you a question!  It's pretty easy to tell when these kiddos are mad at you.  They're really good at the silent treatment!  Maybe if we all kept what we were thinking to ourselves, the world would be a better place!  Unless, of course, you're happy then by all means have a huge smile on your face or clap your hands or give someone a hug!

4.  Eyes really are a window into your soul or at least into what's going on in your head!  I have a lot of non-verbal kids and at first glance you may think that they don't have much to say but boy, let me tell you, are you wrong!  By looking at someones eyes you can tell so many things.  You can tell if they're 'off'.  If they're tired or sick or just generally not 'themselves'.  With this little clue, you can help improve someone's day.  Taking the time to do something nice, say hello or just give a smile can turn those eyes from dull to sparkling in, as they say, a blink of an eye!

5.  Music is a universal language.  I can't dance or sing but hey, how many of us really can?  My kids have taught me to let the music in me to shine forth and enjoy each minute of every day.  And why not, if you really think about it, life is too short to sweat the small stuff and perhaps, even the big stuff!

I hope some of the lessons I've learned from my special friends can brighten your day or someone that you pass it along to!


  1. I absolutely love music therapy! These are great lessons. thank you for sharing! hugs~

  2. I had one young fella who really only had his eyes to communicate with. One day he and I were going over his family portrait. I don't know what made me do it, I hope it was the Spirit, but I leaned into him and whispered, I know who you are, a brave and righteous soul that accepted these limitations on earth. Just wanted you to know I know. From that moment on we had a connection. It was not strong, but it was there. I just somehow could almost see his spirit.


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