Oct 26, 2013


by Cindy R. Williams

Birthday's are a matter of age. Well, of course they are but, the direction I am going here is that how we celebrate them depends upon the age.

If it's your first birthday ever, you may get your very own small cake to grab, smash and throw.

In the Mormon Society, an eighth birthday, is extra special because you have the opportunity to be baptized.

Many birthday's while you are in grade school are celebrated with gatherings of rowdy play mates, games, swimming, jumping, cake and ice cream and of course presents.

Celebrating birthday's in your twenties, even thirties is often a get-together with friends and family for cake and ice cream, or possibly out to lunch or dinner. Maybe even dinner and a movie.

Then there's the dreaded "Over the Hill" parties for when you hit your big "Four O" or "Five-O".

How about the celebrations that mark the years of "I am 24 . . . again," or "I am now 30 plus. Plus what you say? I'm not telling, so leave it alone."

I am coming up on one of the 30+ birthday's. I don't really want any kind of a gathering, lunch or dinner. I don't even want presents. What I would like is a day of peace and quiet. One that I can putter around, turn off the phone, write a little if I want to, take a bubbly bath and then curl up for a nice long nap. Now that sounds wonderful.

Here's a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to each of you on your next birthday. I hope you have the birthday celebration that makes you happy!

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