Oct 8, 2013

My How Things Can Change or Have They?

by Terri Wagner

When I joined the church at the tender age of 17 and went off to college, I hated it when the talks or conversations were about the end of times. After all, I was young, lots of dreams, places to go, people to see, that sort of thing. It was the 70s, and then it was overpopulation, global freezing, dying polar bears, Jimmy Carter's economy, lack of morals, women's lib, crumbling public schools, you name it, we had it including the dreaded and disgusting rock and roll!!! And always the threat of nuclear destruction from the Soviet Union.

Every day someone would discuss the end times as if it were right around the corner. I used to worry about having food storage because I was in college and had non-member parents. They laughed uproariously when I timidly suggested we needed to have something on hand (that has changed just so you know). Continental drift was a major discussion for late night pizza/study sessions, and that included all the dire upheavals the world would experience as we one day would just slam into each other. Course as I always pointed out that would pretty end the overpopulation situation, LOL.

We could not have known about the coming 20 odd years of peace and prosperity courtesy of Ronald Reagan and a responsible Congress. I just knew that world was a pretty cool place, and I wanted my chance to experience everything I could. We didn't call it a bucket list back then, but in a way that is what it was. I had lots of things on that list. And I was afraid I would not have the time to do them. Sooner more than later, the end times would happen, and the earth as I knew it would pass away.

Fast forward now about 30 years from then. We now have hmmm global warming, dying polar bears, totally messed up public school system, the new yet old economic turndown, an almost complete breakdown of the family, rock and rock changed to rap, and well yes women's lib (now they want the priesthood), and you get the picture...and still the threat of nuclear destruction.

And I'm older and some of those bucket list things have been done and checked off and remember with great joy and delight. But I'm not done yet. And somehow I don't think the world is finished yet either. We have work to do. President Monson has made it clear. I'm glad. I'm still not ready for the end of the end!

I'm not Polyanna but I'm not Cassandra either. I just happen to like the world I came to and am not quite ready to leave yet. When the end time comes, maybe then, I'll be ok with it. Until then let me start working on that list and add some things as well.


  1. Well said, Terri! I remember how all the stories about the threat of nuclear warfare terrified me as a young child. If a fighter jet flew low overhead, I would duck and hide under a bush, my little heart pounding and tears flowing down my cheeks.

    Despite all the challenges, we do live in a marvelous time. There is so much to appreciate. I have a list too...and I will have to live to see 120 before I'm half through it! Right now I"m watching a sunset. I've never seen two exactly alike..and I never get tired of watching them. What a glorious world we live in! Thank you for the reminder. hugs~

  2. I adore those sunsets too. Hugs back.


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