Oct 4, 2013

"Can" I do it?

by Marsha Ward

I live in an area where apples grow in massive quantities when we have a good crop year--like we did this summer. Many of the property owners hereabouts are absentees; these little cottages are their second homes, yet they have apple trees on the property which were planted years ago, and those trees continue to bear, year after year.

Tree by the Car Wash (the creek)

Most of the absentee owners not only like you to pick the fruit, but often beg you to do so in order that the tree limbs don't get over-burdened and split off. One branch mishap occurred just across the road from me a month ago.

Tree before it lost a limb due to excess weight of apples. Nearly fell on a car parked nearby!

My daughter visited me last week, and took home a HUGE box full of apples she had picked. I have a smaller portion here. However, all around me, I see fruit going to waste. 

I hate that.

I decided I could do my small bit to prevent waste, so last week I purchased a water-bath canner, jars and lids, and utensils. My intention is to [gulp] make applesauce and apple butter, and bottle it for the coming winter.

I know. I have a novel to write.

There are plenty of trees from which to pick apples. That isn't the problem.

This tree is right across the road, and the apples are now red, ripe, and very delicious. 

The neighbor across the road would be most happy if I would go over and pick the apples. The neighbor next to them invites me to pick anytime from her trees. And she has a lot of trees!

My only problems are time, strength, and endurance.

And yet, I'm going to make an attempt, because I can't stand to see the waste.

Can I can? We shall see!


  1. I totally understand those feelings! I don't like to see fresh fruit and veggies go to waste either. I miss our Utah apple trees. What a blessing of abundance you have been given! I wish I lived closer...I would come help you can!

    1. Thanks for the offer, Kari. I'll get by, or I won't.

  2. Gosh I'd love to help out and reap some benes from it ha ha. Too far away tho. We have that issue with satsumas. I always get tons from my tree. Sounds like a church welfare project to me.

  3. Did you get them all? Probably not or you you would be flat in bed for a week. ;o)

  4. We used to be part owners of an apple press. We'd go through the orchards picking bushels of apples and then run them through the press. They made the most marvelous cider.

    The first time we did it, my mom didn't know that you have to cook the cider. We kids were coming back again and again wanting more cider. At first mom thought (rightfully) it was because we liked it. Then she finally realized (when the neighbor kid came stumbling up from the basement) that her kids were pretty much drunk on the stuff.

    A bee crawled into one of the jugs just before mom lidded them. She was in too much of a hurry to take it back out. My sister screamed like a freight engine when she got the bee in her cup.


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