Nov 30, 2013

Be Part of the Magic

There is a magic that takes place when a parent pulls a child close to read to him. I always love that time of wonder with my own children and grandchildren when you watch a child's eyes as the book opens up the world to him, giving him new concepts and fresh ideas. There are three participants in the time of transformation: the child, the parent, and the book.

I want to be part of that magic--to invite myself into that relationship between parent and child--to tread lightly on that sacred ground. I want to be part of those memories, part of that mind-expansive time with the books I write. 
For now I am content to experience the magic moments with my own children and grandchildren. And, after all, that's the time that will last through eternity.

Take a minute and read a book to a little person this week. It will add magic to your life.  


  1. I love reading with my kids and grans. I also loved listening to my husband read to all our children at night...with them in their beds in their various rooms, and him in the hallway reading loudly...and then the quiet...and then someone yelling out: "Wake up Dad! What happened next!"

    1. My grandmother used to read to us and fall asleep. I feel so badly now because I used to wake her up all the time. Now I know she was tired and I should have let her sleep.

  2. The family joke among us is that my mom read us Greek Mythology. It's what she loved.


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