Nov 18, 2013

Rain is a Good Thing

By Claire Enos

For those country music fans out there, I'm sure you got the reference to Luke Bryan's song. I love country music, it expresses my thoughts so well! Lately I've been thinking a lot about my home: Oregon! Country music is the theme music of my times spent in this state. My aunt Jackie would always listen to the country station on the radio, introducing me to the genre. At one point I had every lyric to all the popular country songs memorized and car rides would become singing as loudly as you can sessions.

Those were the good days, although it rained a lot (it was Oregon after all!) and I had a lot of fun dancing in the rain. In a way, those were the best times and the worst times (at the time). Now, I've had more than my fair share of disappointments and I've learned lessons I never dreamed I would ever need to learn. Even now, I can say with all honesty that the worst times were also some of the best times and that is what this song is all about.

To this day, I lift my face to the heavens when it starts to rain. I always have a prayer in my heart, but I think my prayers are the strongest in the rain, when God blesses me with the water and life. I am grateful to be alive and well at this time in my life. These will be the best days of my life and they will be the worst and they will be wonderful and glorious.

"Life is too short to sit and wait for love to come [my] way" (Big Time Rush, "We Are"). Instead I will spread the love in my heart, the love that God shows me each and every day, to all those around me. Life is love. Life is sacrifice. Life is Glorious and Miraculous.

With all the love in my being,


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