Nov 19, 2013

The Wisdom of the Word of Wisdom

by Terri Wagner

Lately, I keep getting the same message and yes I have finally reached a spiritual age where I know this is a message I need to pay attention to. In the past, I might have filed it under interesting things about the gospel. Now, I'm more inclined to say aha listen up, this is a message from Heavenly Father to you.

My sister has been non-insulin dependent diabetic for about a year. She struggles to eat properly and take her meds on time because she's an ER nurse. That means her schedule is crazy, and her shifts can be busy or slow, mostly busy. For instance, yesterday she got home, put her hand in her pocket and found all her pills. Hadn't even had time to think to take them. And she suffers when it's not regulated well. She wants to try to overcome this and not be insulin dependent. Only other person in our family tree to have diabetics was also a nurse...just sayin'. We discovered that the solution to ending non-insulin dependent diabetics is tada whole grains, fresh fruit, and fresh veges.

Now my dad is back in the hospital with diverticulitis. He's quite sick and hopefully will be out in time for Thanksgiving. He can't leave the hospital until he can eat solid foods and is infection free. I checked out the situation and found on the Mayo Clinic site the suggested diet for this chronic condition, and tada whole grains, fresh fruit, and fresh veges. See a pattern here?

Last but not least, I was also checking out a diet plan for a friend who also has a chronic condition. She just wants to have more energy to battle the problem. And yep you guessed it whole grains, fresh fruit, fresh veges.

All I can say is I too will be changing my diet although thank goodness for now my health is pretty good, and I can slip in that chocolate every now and again. But there is deep wisdom in Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants. A wisdom I sometimes forget to incorporate into my life. Like rising early and going to bed early. Hmmmm shall I think of it as a challenge? I do this, and see what happens to my own health and that of my family? Don't really think I can lose do you?

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  1. Amen! Thanks Terri. We really are what we eat. Although...I have to be very careful about some whole grains. But I started eating lots and lots of veggies and a little fruit everyday. That and adding regular exercise and I feel so much better - and have lost 30 pounds. Now if I can just get that early to bed thing conquered....


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