Nov 23, 2013


by Cindy R. Williams

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

We each have our own traditions for various holidays, and Thanksgiving is one of the biggies.

As a child, Thanksgiving meant learning in school about the Pilgrims and Indians and their celebration feast together. Making turkeys from our hand prints. The smell of stuffing wafting through our home from the kitchen the night before, and that mouth watering aroma blended the next day with the tantalizing smell of turkey roasting in the oven. Arguing with my sister as we set the table for the family. Eating until I practically had to roll away from the table, then somehow stuffing in some pumpkin pie with a dalop or ten of real whipped cream.

Now as a grown-up, Thanksgiving means planning the menu, guests and food preparation several weeks in advance. It means inviting neighbors and/or ward members who would otherwise be alone to join us. It means cheering for my men-folk at the ward Football Turkey Bowl and nursing their sprains or breaks afterword. It means a long blessing on the food to thank our Heavenly Father for his tender mercies and bounteous blessings. It means yummy food with those I love dearly. It means taking turns around the table giving everyone an opportunity to say what they are truly thankful for. It means hard work and happily dragging myself to bed at the end of the day.

What does Thanksgiving mean to YOU?


  1. Thanksgiving means all those things and more, to me. Well said Cindy. Thank you for making me take a moment and ponder. hugs~

  2. Thanks Kari and Terri. You two are always so good about reading and commenting. You both amaze me! I am thankful for you both!


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