Aug 19, 2014

Being a Writer Is...

by Lucinda Whitney 

School started today which means I can start with the rewrites on my book.

Last month I applied the edits I received from my editor.
This is what it looked like: Word document from my editor on the left, and my Scrivener project on the right (thank goodness for a wide screen).


It was a slow process, and a very hard one where I was continuously forced to face my shortcomings.  

But it's also the way I'm learning to get better, word by word and line by line. I've learned how bad I am at action beats ('smile' and 'nod' are my enemies), how much telling I have instead of showing, and how much more work this story really needs.

And the greatest lesson I've taken from this process is that, for me, being a writer is about perseverance.


What is being a writer to you?

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  1. Good for you Lucinda! Thanks for the takes a lot of humility, too. Keep on writing! I am excited for you. hugs~


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