Aug 12, 2014

Robin Williams

by Terri Wagner

Sometimes an event takes you so by shock you find yourself stopping for a moment and remembering. I am in the Mork and Mindy age group. I loved the first season, lost interest around the second. But Mr. Williams went on much funnier and seriouser (ok not really a word), and I followed.

Not every movie, certainly not his stand up which usually was profanity laced. But I liked him. He was a successful, funny person.

Yes, I knew about the drugs, the alcohol, and the depression, but somehow you just never really expect death to come that way. I think about those I love who struggle with this disease. I remember how I went through a sort of depression when I lost my job, and struggled so long it seemed to find another.

Mostly I just remember that laughter is good for you, and Mr. Williams had it in bucketfuls.

I hope someday I can meet him on the other side and thank him for the laughs...especially the ones that came when I needed it the most.

Probably my very favorite Robin Williams and enjoy


  1. It's almost like an old friend has died, isn't it? The world seems just a bit less funny now.....

  2. Thank you Terri. He was so very talented. Such a loss. hugs~


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