Oct 8, 2014

Night Writer

by Andilyn Jenkins

If I could write in the dark, I would organize the shadows that give shape to my lost thoughts. I would always keep a scrap of paper and pencil under my pillow because the littlest movement frightens my thoughts away like discovered cockroaches.

But because I can't, I type on my phone, squinting in the screen's brightness. And I try to hold onto the dark whisperings, but they slip away from my senses and I can no longer feel them on my fingertips.

So I turn off my phone and accept the fact that the dark is meant for keeping secrets.

The ideas floating in my head churn like a piece of rubbery meat and can only be abated by spitting them out. But how do you spit out a thought?

1 comment:

  1. Andilyn, you have such a brilliant gift with imagery. I hear and understand what you are saying...and often have similar experiences trying to get thoughts out of my head before they hide again. Lovely post. thanks you. hugs~


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