Jan 13, 2015

Among the Sweetest Gifts of All

by Terri Wagner

As the years go by, I find myself changing my opinions based on experiences that I have. Just this weekend, I had another such change. For years, I more or less supported limited abortion. I still do. However, lately, I am thinking of even more limits to that option. A family member made a decision to pursue a relationship with a man who well let's just say isn't a man and leave it at that. The unfortunate usual happened. She did not want to abort, a decision I wholeheartedly supported.

A friend of mine who lives in another state knew an LDS couple who could not have children. Due to the now messed up situation with same-sex adoptions, the church opted out of the adoption process. So I put my friend in touch with my family member and prayed the right thing would happen.

I personally wanted the child but felt so strongly he/she needed a mom and a dad. After months of communication and heartache and searching for the Spirit's guidance, a precious little boy came to earth last Friday. His birth mother adored him. She loves him, and that will not change. But his new mom and dad adore him as well. The minute they walked into the hospital room, I knew they were his parents.

While there have been hard feelings in the extended family, I have no doubts William is right where he wanted to be. I know my family member prayed constantly over the decision. I hope she knows just how right that decision was. The adopted parents are sensitive to her feelings, and have handled all of this more that well. It's been a happy ending for everyone, although a lingering sadness will continue.

What I guess I failed to consider in my support of limited abortion is the heartache of those who want a child so desperately and simply cannot have one. What a win win in so many ways. I'm revising my support for limited abortion for even more limited abortion. There are times it is a necessary evil. Here's William Isaiah Alexander Tucker. Welcome to earth!

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  1. Welcome to the world William Isaiah Alexander Tucker! I love that name! What a precious bundle of love. My heart goes out to all of the family members who went through this struggle. hugs~


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