Jan 20, 2015

Pain and Patience

by Marsha Ward

For several months, I've gone through a journey with pain, caused by an injury to my left arm. Medical advice is to rest the arm, ice it, avoid certain movements, and when the pain is gone, do a specific exercise.

Pain is a harsh task master. Although I have tried to follow the regimen, hoping to build up strength in the arm, achieve a cessation of pain, and the ability to function normally, I am not patient. I gnash my teeth at the slowness of the process.

Yes, I did the damage (albeit unknowingly), and have been well repaid in pain. Whenever I think I have achieved a good level of healing, I attempt to do too much. Then I pay the price. This happens over and over again. Can I not learn to be patient?

It appears that I am not a good student. Yesterday was a day of appointments and errands, and today, it appears that I did too much. I am back to icing the arm and refraining from typing.

The characters in my head are beginning to protest that I have left them alone too long. I'm sorry, guys. I'm stuck in a learning curve. Learning, once again, to build patience.


  1. I hate it when your body lets you down lol. I developed an eye twitch several years ago. After botox shots, acupuncture attempts, hair testing, and various MRE tests, it was determined there was no underlying cause for my twitch which got worse. I'm still living with it. It makes me crazy I can tell you. Hopefully you will get better.

  2. Being patient can be so hard! I'm sorry that healing has proved to be a slow process. Praying for your faster healing...and complete healing...and patience. hugs~


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