Jan 3, 2015

Why Do You Write?

by Cindy R. Williams

Why do you write?

One of life's biggest questions.

Here are a few answers I came up with.

I am a born story teller so writing is a natural progression. (I am better live and in person at telling stories than I am at writing them. I have to keep learning how to get them out of my head and on paper in today's way of writing.)

I love dreaming of the way things could be AND should be.

I love to write situations that turn out how I wish live would.

I love to write about fairies, dragons and goblins.

I love to make others smile.

I love to make them cry, sigh, connect to one another, think "Wow, I feel like that too."

I love to leave a bit of a legacy to my family.

I love to meet other writers.

I love to learn.

I love to grow.

I love to write wholesome works and feel I am doing a little bit of good in this big, scary world.

I love to take bits and pieces from people I know and plug them into characters. So much fun to make a villain out of old boyfriends.

Why do you write?

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