Feb 24, 2015

I don't like this

by Terri Wagner

as Dr. Seuss would say. As you all know I've been in the process of moving into a trailer. Well, Elvis has left the building and is not happy about it. My TV no longer has the ability to DVR. Why????? The exclusive Internet provider in this area has to hook up a land line to provide me with at best spotty Internet, why???? The dealer messed up the paperwork so our first date to pay came and went without anyone, including the dealer, knowing who was supposed to pay who, why???? Of my two labs, one has decided she prefers the house and finds it necessary to leave the trailer at 4ish in the am, why???? The guest bathroom has a ton of space, the master ensuite (you cannot call it a master bathroom) has none to speak of, why???? And the small guest bedroom has 6 electrical outlets, why???? Neither bathroom sports a toilet paper holder, why????

Do you find yourself completely floored at the lack of professionalism these days. Was it always around, and I just never noticed? Has it gotten worse? Am I just discovering the woes of mobile home living? I go around the trailer finding things that just astonish me. And I'm a bit disappointed in Kota LOL. I need her company doesn't she know that?!

This rant did not feel good as on top of all, I find living alone as yucky as I found it before. Who wants to listen to the sound of their own voice? Why would I care what I think? I already know. It's a bummer, lending a form of street cred to Heavenly Father's wisdom that it isn't good to be alone.

How can we bring professionalism to our writing? I was thinking of this after reading Christy Monson's blog entry about John Clease's words. Even a comic has to have a certain amount of professionalism. I once read Joan River's autobiography about how she spent hours on her material for The Tonight Show. Like her or not, she took her comedy seriously.

When we pitch our book, do we look desperate or professional? Do we use effective marketing words? Do we come across as knowledgeable about our genre? In short, do we put the time and effort in our writing we need to be treated professionally? I just cannot help but think it will make a difference. Going back to the beginning of my rant, how do I respond to the dealer as a professional? How do I get DirecTV to give me DVR privileges, and shall I consult with Cesar Milan over Kota or just give Daisy extra love for hanging out with me?


  1. Oh, I'm sorry about your moving dilemmas, and hope Kota gets over her sad preference. Here's a hug: (((((HUG))))) I hope it helps!

  2. First off, I love the picture. It made me laugh right out loud. I'm sorry you have not been having a fun time. Definitely let the mobile home dealer know that you displeased. I hesitated to air my complaints with our homebuilder..but then got up the courage to speak my mind - in a professional manner. I did pick my battles and was able to get the biggest concerns taken care of - like straightening a very crooked wall and replacing a bathroom counter that had manufacturing defects. I told them that I had paid for brand new...not Goodwill used. I found that when I mentioned things without accusing anyone..."I realize you are not the person who created this problem, but could you help me solve the problem?" kind of a thing. I hope your dog adjusts quickly. 4 a.m. is the pits! The quiet would bug me too. sending lots of hugs~


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