Feb 3, 2015

Pain and Patience Redux

by Marsha Ward

Two weeks ago, I mentioned the journey I've been going through with an arm injury. Since then, I had reached a measure of wellness that I thought was going to be great! Then I did too much again...

I'm back to square seventeen.

One thing I've noticed is that if I take it easy and let the arm heal, I'm fine. Then I'll feel better and get a burst of "Yes! This is over!" enthusiasm, and suddenly I've taken my healing back a step or two. How will I know when I've finally achieved a complete wellness?

I don't know. In the meantime, I can only wait for some kind of whisper that all is now complete, and that I may resume all the previous activities I enjoyed, without being overly cautious. I plod away with my voice-to-text software, trying to keep up headway in my writing career. I'm paying a steep price for this lesson: I won't be participating in as many outside activities as I had hoped, but perhaps the time I've had to spend in reading mode will be instructive and rewarding in the end.

Have you struggled with an injury or a health issue that made you cut back and attempt to become more patient and introspective? Tell us how this has impacted your life.


  1. I"m sorry this painful experience has been so long in endurance, Marsha! I am not a patient person myself. I struggle with taking time to heal and knowing when the healing is complete. Like you, once I feel better...I want to GO! One lesson I have learned from some of those experiences has been allowing others to serve me. My pride and the need for self-sufficiency that lurks in my genes made some of those lessons really hard! You are in my prayers dear friend. I look forward to reading the books you will come up with as a result of your learning and inspiration. hugs~

  2. Some few years ago I hurt my back doing Hindu squats which are terrific. I have been terrified to do them again because I'm working again and hurting my back and being out for a week is not an option. You made me think about that. Is it time to try again and to remember to be careful? Maybe that's the key just being careful and listening to our bodies.


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