Mar 7, 2015

Sally and Her Hip Replacement, The Ongoing Saga

by Christy Monson

I don't know how many of you remember Sally (not her real name). She was a dear friend we made (and I wrote about on this blog) while we were on our mission in Memphis Tennessee last summer. We still keep in touch with each other.

She had a problem with her smoking. She just couldn't quit. We bought her more gimmicks to help her, but nothing worked. She wrote us a letter this week, saying that she has been cigarette-free for the last 30 days.

She is very excited about it, and we are thrilled and told her so.

She's been in and out of a mental hospital over the years (she partially fried her brain on drugs while she was living in Southern California.) She's been in the hospital for the past 30 days, so she's had support to help her leave smoking alone. I hope and pray she can continue to be strong now that she's at home by herself.

She has a great testimony of the temple. We took her to visit the waiting room and walk around the outside of the Memphis Temple last summer, and she is so excited to inside someday. Now all she has to do is pay her tithing. That will be a big deal for her.

She only has her disability to live on, so she has to budget carefully. Besides, she's a hoarder of money. She's been without so often in her life, that she HAS to keep a bank account as big as is possible on her limited income. So tithing with be a challenge for her.

But I know she will make it someday.

Here is part of her last letter to us. I just think it's adorable. I will treasure it for the rest of my life.

Sometimes you meet people that you know you will love forever. Sally is one of those friends. I do love her.

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  1. Overcoming smoking is tough. Blessings are in store for her. I remember, keep us posted.


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