Mar 24, 2015


by Terri Wagner

I don't do serious well. I am much better at humor, but lately things seem so serious, I think I am going to have learn serious. Both Christy Monson and Kari Pike's earlier posts are about serious matters. One of my biggest regrets is not having children and therefore no grandchildren...and perhaps more important to me no second generation Mormons. I think my sister and I will be the one and only LDS members in our families. At least at the moment it is definitely heading that way. That's serious business. Try as I might, I cannot possibly get everyone baptized, ordained, and sealed. My ancestors need work, and the non-LDS descendants need the church. All very overwhelming. And Christy's post about the cost of testimony is one I ponder on a lot. I just cannot find myself looking these pioneers in the eye. Can you imagine standing beside them on the judgement seat?

So how do you do serious? My sense of humor has saved me from depression, and at times, despair. But lately I am finding little to laugh about. Even my taste in TV shows has changed. And the music I once enjoyed seems so shallow. I hope this weird mood passes on.

Or perhaps I should give up my study of about serious. He pulled no punches. Pride, greed, utter destruction are favorite themes. Yes, yes, I know Isaiah speaks of the coming Savior, both the first and second coming, and gives us insight into what will follow the second coming, but over all he spends more time decrying his country's ultimate end. And that only makes me worry about our country's descent into coarser, harsher ways. All in all serious business.

I'm seriously thinking of taking time this weekend to sit on the sugar sand, gaze into the azure water, and recharge my batteries. Find my laugh again. Wanna join me?


  1. My next blog post is just for you. It's entitled Slinky Time! It won't post for a week or so, but it lets me know I have to take myself down a notch or two!

  2. Ah, Terri! I, too, find it difficult to think about looking those pioneers in the eye!

    I would love to join you! I love your sense of humor and I love the sand and the water...well, maybe not so much the sand, but what is a beach without sand? Except Mission Bay has grass. Lots and lots of cool green grass next to the beach. Still, I would love to visit the east coast. Never been there. It's gotta be better than the Riviera. I've been there. It was okay. Your picture looks magnificent. hugs~

    1. And it is a picture of Gulf Shores which is a mere five miles from my house. I am lucky.


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