Mar 3, 2015

Writer, Beware! Nook Press = Author Solutions

by Marsha Ward

In the Indie Author world, until recently, there have been two accessible print-on-demand-technology print edition options: CreateSpace and Lightning Source. Last October, Barnes & Noble launched Nook Press, giving authors another printing option . . . or so it seemed. Nook Press also offered a selection of author services that included editing and cover design. "Yahoo," everyone thought. "Now I can get a good editing job AND a cover, without going on the hunt!"

Questions quickly arose about why the prices seemed, well, a bit high for the services. Luckily for Indie Authors everywhere, several people have been digging into the answers, and David Gaughran is one of the best watchdogs around. Here's his post today, which I highly recommend you read and digest.

Author Solutions, Bloomington, IN. Image from Wikimedia, by Vmenkov, CC BY-SA 3.0
Vigilance is always required in order to avoid getting ripped off. Thank you, David Gaughran!


  1. Tried to comment, pressed Preview, all disappeared. :(

  2. I left a comment on your blog and shared the link on facebook. Thanks for the heads up


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