Apr 4, 2015

Slinky Time

by Christy Monson

Do you ever get so serious you have to take yourself down a notch? Sometimes I get so intense about things—making sure I'm on time and everything is perfect and running smoothly—I get a little crazy.

When that happens I have to take a step back, breathe deeply, look at the big picture, and smile.

Laughter is my best medicine. We have a daughter that can put things in perspective.

The world as viewed through slinky eyes is not that serious.

Now I know there are times to be somber, but when I'm overwrought, it's really Slinky Time.

Slinky Time gives one a new perspective. A relaxed, springy view of the world. Try it sometime. It's helpful!


  1. Awesome! I need to go get some slinky eyes...thanks!

  2. Ahhhh slinkies. Well do I remember them. Never put them on my eyes before tho. Interesting!!!!


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