Apr 14, 2015

Yeah, Tomorrow is April 15

by Marsha Ward

Let me tell you right now that I HATE February, March, and part of April.

That's because every year I have this sense of doom hanging over me during the annual hair-pulling, days-wasting run-up to April 15.

January is okay. I have to wait until all my 1099s of whatever ilk come in. But once February hits, the doom floods over me in distressing volume. I know that before I can even blink, that short month will be gone, and March, with all our family birthdays, will be upon me. Then April will scoot into view, and I'll be gritting my teeth.

I thought I had a handle on taxes this year, at least as far as getting an early start at pulling all my hair out. I DID start early, in March. However, things came along to divert my attention, so once again, that awful day approaches, and I'm shuffling piles of paper and receipts and vowing that NEXT YEAR I will get organized.

The heck of it is, I'm RETIRED! with my meager income and a home business with plentiful expenses, I rarely end up paying anything. Uncle Sam rarely pays me anything, either. So why, again, am I putting myself through this torture?

I have friends who tell me they don't file taxes because of this, that, or the other reason. ??? I doubt I could get away with not doing the yearly Dance of Despair. But that hectic dance plays havoc with my health, so maybe I should find out if their reasons are legitimate.

I hope that by the time you read this, I will have hit all the right buttons to send in my returns and will spend tomorrow flat on my back, resting. One can only hope!

What are your concerns about Tax Day?


  1. I'm glad you survived...:o) It used to be that I was the Finder-of-the-Lost, the scribe, and the "Whipping Boy." (No one got whipped, I just took the blame for every lost bit of paper--completely blameless for the most part--just like a real Whipping Boy.)
    Now The Man does it all on the Internet--a fact I bemoan when it comes to proof since he rarely copies the results. I'm still the Finder, though, which can be fraught with aggravation since The Man never puts things in the places they belong. There are lots of Gut Feelings involved. ARGH. But it's all over for this year. YAYYYYYY!!!

  2. I'm glad you survived and got through it. I dread it, and I'm not even the one who does the taxes in our house. I think my problem is that it is something out of my control. plus, we usually end up having to pay something. My guy doesn't like the idea of "loaning" Uncle Sam anything. It can be a serious point of contention in our home, but I have learned to let it go for the most part. I'm really good at holding my breath for weeks. LOL.

  3. Bang! BOOM! CccRrrAaaSssHhh! &#*% My computer crashes again just after I saved my finished tax forms on it! Every year: heart failure, cerebral embolism, stroke and fainting spells accompany this occurrence. I moan, complain, scream, and, of course, pull hair--mine and whose-so-ever is near enough. I call my resident computer hard drive excavator (hubby) in a panic, and he saves me. Again. So I did what any desperate person would. I started doing them online. I've been doing taxes for 47 years for both myself and others. Hubby has no interest in looking at them. I've faced some enormously complicated tax situations, not to mention that mine get more complicated every year. We started to down size two years ago, and things are getting easier. Thank goodness for tax software. Online. Now if my computer wants to crash, I'll call my hubby in a panic because I'll lose precious files, including novels and WIPs (yes, I MOSTLY back them up). But I won't lose my tax files! WooHoo! A refund. Where's the nearest bookstore?

  4. It's complicated by design so we just mentally give up and say fine whatever just tell me what to pay


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