Oct 22, 2016


by Cindy R. Williams

Can't believe we are finally in October. Here in Arizona that means fall . . . though to see Fall colors you need to go into the White Mountain areas in the  north of the state. Here in the greater Phoenix area/desert it is still hot. Note, not as hot as HOT. HOT is summer. Fall is just hot. Near the end of the month, we do drop to the low nineties in the daytime, so that's something!  The best thing about Fall is that instead of remaining almost as hot during the night, we now drop down to the sixties and seventies.

Why all of this about the weather?

Because . . . by now, most Arizonans are a bit testy from all the summer heat. We all seem to do a collective sigh of relief that we have lived through another summer!

Celebrate! Fall is Great!

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