Sep 18, 2007

I'm Late

In my new position at work, I am responsible but not boss. Strange place to be. Just today, I had a coworker drop me out of an important loop and a boss that wanted to know why I didn't know. Then agreed that I couldn't really reprimand the other person. So that was left unresolved.

Then two coworkers who have disliked each other for the six months one of them has been working there had a big blowup for a mistimed comment. I personally thought the comment rather funny. After a meeting with the boss, the Human Resources person and the two coworkers, it was left, yes, unresolved.

On the way home, I prayed about how awful I feel for both of the people involved. I like them both but I have worked with one of them for 12 years. She's very serious. The new worker is flippant and reminds me of myself when I started out in the workforce.

Heavenly Father stepped in to comfort me greatly. He told me that the lesson I needed to learn here was that sometimes it's a lose-lose situation. Neither person will try to change enough to even make it civil. I was instantly flooded with a sensation of oneness with Him. How difficult it must for Him when we fight or hurt one another inadervantly and then refuse to admit it or try to change.

And it reminded me of how grateful I am for a God who answers prayers and cares deeply about what's bothering me. There are seriously bad things afoot in the world and serious things on the horizon, yet, He took the time to comfort me over what after all was not the end of the world as we know it.


  1. Terri, you can't always be the boss, but you can always be a quiet peacemaker. You will know what to do and say. Sometimes a quiet comment to one that indicates without a put down where the other is coming from. You will know, because you know from whence comes understanding.

    Mark it all down as part of the process toward perfection. Then, eventually, you will get there.

    Thanks for sharing that warm comfort.

  2. Well, there's nothing like stress at work where you have responsiblity greater than authority. I can sympathize. I just started, after ALL THESE YEARS, reading How to Win Friends and Influence Friends (and Family) and won't go into the specifics of why I pulled this ancient book off the shelf, but can tell you, after chapter 1 on reasons not to criticize, that I'm hooked, along with millions of other people. Bad stuff does happen. I believe we can empower ourselves - through prayer, hats off to you there, and through our own behavior. Why aren't these things taught in first grade? Rene

  3. Terri,
    Thanks for the reminder of how personally and uniquely Heavenly Father loves each one of us!


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